Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Definition of Work...

Well, yesterday I bemoaned that I couldn't get back into the grind of writing so I was doing some writing related activities and you know what? That is working on my writing. It might not be tallying up word count at the moment but two emails I kicked off brought back good results.

First, a Crossroads, the Christian book store in Sioux Falls, SD responed to my email about a book signing with resounding YES! So, February 12th, from 1-3, I will be signing books along with another author who was booked for the day AND my writing friends, Mary Connealy and Erica Vetsch. Doesn't that sound like fun? I can't wait and hope the weather is good that day.

Second, another writing friend on the children's literature side of my career works for the Argus-Leader in Sioux Falls and pitched an idea to her editor on an article featuring my book, Lily of the Field and the editor said yes! So she will be reviewing my book for their review blog and writing up an interview with me for She Magazine.

Third, I queried an anthology book idea to my publisher and they are interested and want a formal proposal!

So now my nose will be to the grindstone as the work begins!


  1. Oh my gosh Rose...this is sooo exciting...what can I say congratulations!!! You are truly amazing!!

    xoxo Gert