Thursday, December 2, 2010

Back At It

Since NaNoWriMo is a closed chapter of this writer's life, it's time to move on for the month of December. AND what should every writer being doing this final month of the year???? Working on those 2010 yearly goals and thinking about what you want to accomplish in your writing career in 2011.

Here is a great blog post from the Seekerville blog concerning goals:

Also for the month of December, since it's such a busy month, I'm going to be lazy and instead of typing a blog daily. I will be sharing links to blogs that I find very helpful in both my Inspirational Romance writing and my children's writing.

The link I shared today is from the This is a GREAT resourse for inspirational writer's. Not only do these ladies share their words of writing wisdom, they answer comment questions, serve virtual food and give away great daily prizes. Plus they host guest bloggers that includes Harlequin editors and agents.

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