Monday, October 4, 2010

Yearly Goals Reviewed

Thursday I mentioned that the end of the quarter was a good time to review your yearly goals. It's also a good time to start considering what you want to get accomplished next year with your writing career. It's must easier to succeed in this business if you have a plan.

So I looked over my yearly goals and out of six, I've completed two. Now, that doesn't sound like much does it? But I set those goals before I knew that my inspirational romance manuscript that was submitted would be accepted. So, as with anything in life, my goals are subject to change. One goal that I set was to finish a different inspirational romance that I'd started, however with the acceptance of Lily of the Field, I must adjust that goal as to completion of the next book in the series, Jobs Tears.

I've decided to talk this month about goals. Goals are something to strive for and are not intended to weigh you down or be self defeating if you can't quite reach them. They are a way of getting a plan in place to help you succeed in your writing career. Be thinking.....

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