Monday, October 18, 2010

Types of Goals

Before I continue on to setting weekly goals, I thought I'd rewind a little to yearly goals. There are two main types (IMHO) of setting yearly goals.



Output goals are the kinds of goals I use. I decide by mid-December based on the writing year I'm having just what I want to change or see as output by a year from then. So I the goals I set are based on write the first book in a series, research and write a children's non-fiction book, apply for work for hire jobs and/or answer manuscript calls. It's easy to set output goals because you can base them around your writing time. If you only allot 20 hours per week to write, then you know that setting a goal to have three 90,000 word manuscripts complete and submitted is not attainable.

Monetary goals, of course, revolve around your writing income. Do you want to double the income you made in 2010...then your goals must be set accordingly. Perhaps you'll want to write a monthly column for dependable income while you query magazines or submit your book manuscripts. Another way to handle montetary goals is decided how much per day it takes to reach the yearly writing salary figure. If you want to earn $36,500.00 in 2011 from your writing, then each day you must produce something to earn at least $100 per day. Maybe that is cranking out four devotionals or querying a magazine article. Now just because you write something doesn't mean it will sell but if you are trying to reach the $36,500.00 you MUST produce something that MAY pay $100 per day. This is a good type of goal to set while you work a day job since editors/publishers response times are slow. BUT slow response times doesn't mean that this method doesn't work, it just means that you might not see a "wind fall" of writing income until a few months later.

A couple of options while you plan for next year.

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