Monday, October 25, 2010

Recording Goals

It's important when you set your writing goals to WRITE them down somewhere. Again, what works for one writer will not work for another.

I use a spiral bound journal to write down the goals I want to accomplish for the month. In addition, I jot down my acceptances, submissions, rejections and 'other' happenings in my writing career as the month progresses. At the end of the month, I recap my progress.

Did I complete all or any of my goals? If not why?
How many rejections did I garner? How many acceptances? Did I turn the rejections back into submissions?
Did I answer a manuscript call? Get a notice about a work for hire project I applied for? Did I receive a conference notification? Am I able to go to it?

By recaping the goals I can see if something did or didn't work for me. If I was working on a non-fiction piece for children, I might have miscalculated the time it'd take to research the topic thoroughly before I could write the article or perhaps I ran across a different angle to persue for the article. This lets me know that the next time I'm working on a project like this, I need to adjust the number of goals for that month.

I can also tell if I'm making forward movement in my writing career during this process.

Whatever way you chose to record your monthly goals they need to be visable each and everyday as a constant reminder to you that your writing is important!

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