Thursday, September 2, 2010

Reason Number One

I thought I'd try to come up with ten reasons not to quit your day job while pursueing your writing career and cover each one as a blog topic. I've thought of a few reasons but not quite ten. Hopefully, I'll be able to come up with ten reasons.

But here's the first: You have to pay the bills. Yes, I've heard of starving artists but I don't really want to be one. Not that I couldn't stand to lose a few pounds but if I didn't have money for food, I probably couldn't pay the electric bill or my internet provider. In this day and age of writing, both of those are necessites!

The reality of the publishing world is: Even if you gain an acceptance, it may take months to received the payment for your manuscript. Many magazines, including some of the "big slicks", pay on publication and they work months in advance. So the non-fiction article you sold in the fall might be featured in April's issue. That means you won't see your paycheck until March at the earliest.

You decided to only submit to pay on acceptance magazines. I prefer those too but many of my sales to pay on acceptance publications has taken three to six months for them to accept my story/article/devotion. Very few publications make a decision on a manuscript in less than thirty days. Remember editor's have other job duties besided reading manuscripts all day.

Book publishing is an entirely different ball game. It can take up to a year for a book publisher to send you a contract, especially if you're just breaking into the publishing game. Once they received the signed contracts they pay half your advance pretty promptly.

But in all of these scenerios how did you pay your bills for six months to a year that you waited for an acceptance/payment for your manuscript.

By having a paycheck from a day job!


  1. Point taken...keep your day job! ~smile~

  2. Hi.....I just discovered a few minutes ago that you are a South Dakota writer! Sometimes I feel so alone in our big old state, but usually I like it that way. I have just recently cut back from medical transcription $1200+/month to $200/month.....and I'm just beginning to catch up on the stuff I've wanted to do for years...including writing another Christian romance. I self publish and have a wardrobe full of books because I've not had time to promote them.

  3. Hi Dee,

    Glad to meet another South Dakotian! What part of the state are you from?