Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Reason Number Five

Creativity is the fifth reason not to quit your job day while establishing your writing career.

Many writer's save enough money to take a year Sabbatical from their day job to start their freelance writing career. They squirrel away enough to cover basic living expenses but what happens when the water heater or furnace breaks? Their savings is diminished and so is their creativity.

Another scenario is selling a couple of books and quitting the day job because the writing career has taken off, but in the ever changing world of publishing, what if the next book contract is eighteen months in coming? You are out of living expenses and forced to look for a part-time or full-time. Can you be creative with plotting when you are updating your resume and interview skills? Will you feel like logging two thousand words on your manuscript after a long day of training on a new job?

Creativity goes hand in hand with worry and writer's block. If your finances demand you to write or starve will your plot be creative or forced? Will your characters be fully developed or flat and generic? Worry can trigger writer's block, then what do you do?

I recently read an interview with a literary agent who said, you need to have at least ten books written before you consider quitting the day job unless you want to OR can live on a gross income of about $10,000.00. It's easier to be creative when you have peace of mind. So keep the day job for a while.

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