Tuesday, September 28, 2010


The day job gets a bad rap from most writer's wishing they could write full time. I hope this month I showed you why a day job is important as you launch your writing career and even throughout your writing career.

So the next time you are fed up with your day, remember some of the benefits it does allow you as a writer. Instead of begrudging it, use it to your benefit.

Use the setting of your day job as the setting of your book.
Give a character a career based on your day job-have the young character in your story embarassed by that type of occupation
Use a co-workers speech pattern or word choices to define a character.

Don't forget you may think your day job is boring but someone else will find it very interesting!

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  1. Great tips, Rose! I have heard writers say that creating a character based on coworkers is a great, innocent way to get revenge. ;)