Monday, August 16, 2010

Timer Method

I've read where other writers use a baking timer while they write. They try to get as many words written as possible before the timer goes off. They are literally racing against the clock!

Have you ever tried that method? I haven't. I'm more of a panster when it comes to writing. My characters are clear in my mind but the plot is not. I start with a scene and think about what should happen next and then write a scene. Sometimes during my writing time, I spend a lot of time considering just what should happen next in my story. So I'm wondering how beneficial it would be to a panster....

However, maybe hearing the actual tick counting out the time, knowing I'm running out of time would kick the creative side of my mind into gear and I'd come up with a scene. Not just a scene, a scene that moves my plot and story along.

Do you think this is a time management method that would work for you? I'm willing to give it a try but first, I have to buy a timer.

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