Monday, August 2, 2010

Time Wasted

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about time managment is where am I wasting time during my day? Several things come to mind. Playing games on Facebook, watching tv-especially watching movies that I own or have seen before, checking email frequently.

Those may be big time wasters but when you work full time and are trying to start/maintain a writing career there are other 'smaller' ways to waste valuable writing time.

Sure it's fun to share lunch with co-workers but if you have an hour lunch and you're finished eating in twenty minutes, don't waste that time. Excuse yourself and write. If you can't go somewhere to be alone and concentrate on your writing during that time, use the time to walk and sort out a plot problem. Plus if you exercise in the evening, this will shave time off of your exercise routine and you can devote that time to writing down the new plot twist.

Not consolidating errands. Do you find yourself stopping at the grocery or discount store more than twice a week? If you do, time yourself from the moment you turn off your engine park until you start your ignition again.  Most full time workers make these stops right afterwork. Since many jobs work the same shifts, 7-4 or 8- 5 the stores are at their busiest besides once you get into the store, a display may catch your eye or you notice a sale on something you use. Before you know it, thirty minutes are gone. If you run one errand after work each night of the week and the trip costs you thirty minutes each time, that two and half hours you didn't spend writing.

Care to share a small time waster that you've discovered?


  1. Oh are so right, these are all time wasted things that we do with total unattention to our daily routines. thanks for sharing these ideas with all of us..even a retired person can use soem of these great suggestions!

    xoxo Gert