Thursday, August 19, 2010

Time Out

Yesterday I declared a "time out" for my time management concerning my writing. Not because I was behind in work count. Not because I was tired. Not because life in general got into the way.

I received my last round of edits on my book. THAT takes priority over all my other writing goals for the month. Why? For one thing, I've been paid for this book. It's under a tight deadline. I want all my creative energy focused on making this manuscript the best book it can be.

Since my writing word count goals revolved around tight time managment, I gave myself a time out to work on the edits. This is what the time out means to me. I am still 3350 words behind. However starting with yesterday when I received the edits until the day I resubmit the changes to my publisher will not count against my word count goals. I have ten days to get all the changes made and to proof read my book. So instead of my 30,000 word goal by month end, it's now 20,000 (I'm basing the month on 30 days).

Be realistic in your time management. It will insure better productivity and success in meeting your goals.


  1. Oh Rose you are so efficient! I just know you will finish this on time!

    xoxo Gert
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