Monday, August 23, 2010

Time Alone

Something every writer dreams of and if you're like me struggles to get! But not this weekend. I had two large blocks of uninterrupted time alone.


Although I was tempted by the television programs-why are all the good movies on when I can't watch tv?-I preservered and worked on my edits and proof reading my romance novel. Now, I can work on edits when I don't have the house to myself but the proof reading....not so much since I read it aloud to try to catch repetitive words or ackward phrases. Because of this precious gift of time alone, I'll be turning my edits in early.

Do you read your work outloud before submitting it to an editor? If not you should. You catch so many things reading out loud that you don't "hear" reading to yourself. I found a paragraph where I used the same word over three times. THAT had to be changed.

How do you use your "time alone" to progress your writing career?


  1. Rose..Good morning! First, what a great idea, I will try reading aloud. I have later caught some things that I misread (over and over), this is such a great idea.

    Time alone..means a person "must stay away from the TV and computer sites." Both can eat time up way to easy and fast!

    Have a blessed day!
    xoxo Gert

  2. I'm green with envy over your time alone, Rose! It can certainly increase productivity!