Tuesday, August 24, 2010

On Time

Hi I'm Rose and I'm PUNCTUAL. I'm puncutal in all aspects of my life, not just writing BUT it comes in handy in my writing life.

Now I was raised in a family where punctual actually meant 60 to 30 minutes early for any given event. I married a man who slides into event with minutes to spare. What a shock to this punctual gal's system! But I've found a happy medium and try to fit my arrival time about ten to twenty minutes before the start of planned event.

However, with writing deadlines, I slide right back to my early teachings. I turn my edits in early (so far). If I have a three week deadline to submit something, I give myself two weeks to get it complete. If I have 10 days, in my mind I cut it back to 7. Yet, I don't rush through my edits or turn in shabby work, I just cut back my time allowance to insure I give the manuscript my utmost attention. Remember how life sometimes interrupts with a middle of the night trip to the emergency room? A case of the stomach flu? A migrane headache? An electrical storm that knocked your power out for a couple of days?

Well, if you change your deadline and work toward THAT goal when an unforeseeable event happens and you just can't work on your manuscript, chances are you'll still make your deadline because you've "padded" your time frame.

I had until Friday to submit my copy edits. My deadline was Wednesday. I sent the manuscript back this AM. With all the severe thunderstorms we've had this year and middle of the night hospital runs I've had...I'm not taking any chances. I am, after all, punctual .

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  1. This sounds exactly like me! I about have a coronary when one of my writing friends doesn't start on her ms until the last minute. Makes me crazy. LOL!

    Great blog, Rose. Congrats on your HP sale!