Thursday, August 26, 2010

God's Timing

Since I've been talking about ways or tricks to manage your time so you can follow your dream of a writing career, I'd be remiss to not mention God's timing.

Have you ever wondered what's taking so long to get published? You've studied the craft, studied the markets, studied the style of the publisher you're targeting and still your perfect manuscript returns to your mail box. Could be the timings just not right for you. God's timing that is!

God's timing never follows our time line. As Christians and writer's we must trust him on this. He will provide inspiration for ideas. He will provide writing opportunities. He will provide for a use of the talent he gave us. But it will be on His terms, which includes timing.

Continue to manage your daily writing time, continue to learn your craft, continue to study markets and leave the rest to God.

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